"I think I wanna marry you!" Flash Mob Proposal

On Friday the 24th of April, Romantic Gestures had their first ever Flash Mob Proposal!

Our client, LJay, contacted us wanting to create a very memorable proposal for his beautiful girlfriend, Adela.

After sitting down with LJay, it was decided that a Flash Mob was the perfect choice. We then got planning, contacting dance companies and securing a venue for the occasion.

Rise Performing Arts  choreographed an amazing dance routine to the song "Marry You" by Bruno Mars. LJay was also included in the Flash Mob, dressed in a bear costume to surprise Adela. After a busy run of rehearsals, everyone was excited and ready to go!

The big night arrived, and as nervous LJay waited for Adela to arrive at Northbridge Piazza, a crowd started to gather to see the big event. When Adela arrived, her friends placed her in the centre of the piazza as the music started. She had no clue as to what was going on, until LJay jumped in, removed the head of the bear costume and revealed it was him.

As the song ended, LJay, looking sharp in a suit,  parted the crowd and got down on one knee to propose. Adela said YES!

The couple embraced and a celebratory dance began! The dancers, the crowd and close friends and family of the couple each handed Adela a rose, as the two lovebirds celebrated with a glass of sparkling.

It was a night to remember!