Summertime Romance: Proposal at Matilda Bay

On the 27th of January, we had the pleasure of planning and styling a very romantic proposal for Kiel and his now fiancé, Sarah. With a restaurant already booked for the special occasion, Kiel came to us seeking a limousine transfer, but after a consultation, this quickly lead to something more. It was decided that a 1956 Bentley S Series would transfer the love birds from the Galileo Buona Cucina to the stunning Matilda Bay Reserve, where Kiel would pop the question.

The styling of the proposal was based on a romantic French evening, with an abundance of red roses, candelabras and vintage furniture. Awaiting the couple was nothing but the finest; a bottle of Don Perignon as well as strawberries and chocolates to nibble on.

On a beautiful summer Perth night, the couple arrived at Matilda Bay Reserve in a 1956 Bentley. After taking a short walk along the Swan River admiring the stunning views, they arrived at the proposal location. As the couple sat down and popped the bottle of Don Perignon, guitarist and singer Kngi Kitahana began playing classic love songs for the couple to enjoy.

A nervous Kiel slowly got down on one knee and popped the question. Sarah, with tears flowing, said yes! After many kisses and hugs, the couple spent the rest of the evening in each other’s arms, before being chauffeured back to their home. It was a night both Sarah and Kiel would remember forever.

A special thanks to Lana Pratt Photography, Bellagio Limousines and Kngi Kithara for their contribution to this unforgettable evening.