About Us

Romantic Gestures focuses on ROMANCE and LOVE .

Whether you are in love or in the process of falling in love, our Romantic Gestures team will leave you and your partner with a memory to cherish for a lifetime. 

We create the perfect romantic setting for any special occassion including Marriage Proposals, Romantic Dates, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Weddings, and other special events.

Gianna Karapetkov, Managing Director and Founder of Romantic Gestures, believes that no matter how small or large the gesture is, there's no excuse to making your special someone feel loved. She aims to enhance passion, and enrich loving relationships to help couples express their love for one another.

The Romantic Gestures team assists those who are struggling to find ideas, or don't have the time to plan something special.

The pressure to constantly come up with creative and romantic ideas can be a daunting process. Let Romantic Gestures take care of all the important details, leaving you to focus soley on enjoying the special moment with your loved one.